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Topic - Community Services Archive

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The Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway Builds a Path to Success

For the first time ever, the three counties that surround the Santa Ana River have joined forces with 14 cities and the private sector to complete the crest-to-coast trail.

March 2009

Mountain View Combines Reservoir and Sports Complex

February 2009

It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

The League’s strategic goals for 2009 include promoting economic stimulus and infrastructure investment.

February 2009

Fontana Takes Steps Toward Healthier Lifestyles

January 2009

Addressing ADA Accessibility Issues in the Public Sector

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 has been in effect for nearly two decades, many public entities are not yet in compliance with its accessibility requirements.

January 2009

2008 Legislative Highlights and Recognition

The legislative year was dominated by a three-way battle among the governor, Democrats and Republicans over how to close a $24 billion deficit spanning two budget cycles.

January 2009

Commonplace Miracles of Local Democracy

Voters are overwhelmingly reinvesting in their local governments, local infrastructure and local services by approving ballot measures that authorize tax increases and bond issues for public infrastructure.

January 2009

Looking Ahead to the New Year

The coming year holds new possibilities and challenges, including the need for budget reform at the state level. At the national level in preparation for a new president, the U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted a 10-point Plan for strong cities, strong families and a strong America.

December 2008

Keeping Cities Strong

October 2008

Claremont’s Teen Committee Helps Develop Transportation Solution

September 2008