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City Forum Archive

Title Issue

Keep California Beautiful: Join the Proud Community Program

August 2007

The Palm Desert Energy Partnership Focuses on a Sustainable Energy Future

July 2007

Defending Your Agency Against Spam, Spyware and Other Techno Threats

June 2007

Seeking More Accountability: A Fresh Take On Economic Development

May 2007

Network of California Cities Shares Gang Prevention Strategies

April 2007
Cities and County Work Together To Share Tax Base

Cities and County Work Together To Share Tax Base

Many cities formed in the 1980s and ‘90s were at a distinct disadvantage when negotiating their original tax split with counties. Recently, Chino Hills and San Bernardino County found a way to share property tax more equitably between the county and low-property-tax cities.

March 2007

Thanks to Our “No on Proposition 90” Partners

February 2007

League Honors Two Individuals As 2006 “Legislator of the Year”

January 2007

Assessing the Ethical Culture of Your Agency

December 2006

Is Your City in Good Financial Shape?

A safe and secure community depends on fiscally healthy local governments that can provide public services for the community, with a balance of revenues and costs over time – even as the community changes.

November 2006