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City Forum Archive

Title Issue

Santa Clara Builds a Solar Community

Under the umbrella of the neighborhood Solar Program, Santa Clara is creating a solar community.

July 2008

Web Dialogues: A New Tool for Connecting People

June 2008

Building Business Retention by Reaching Out to Companies

May 2008

Lompoc Aquatic Center Offers Recreation for All Ages

April 2008

Exchange Program Supercharges Career Opportunities and Boosts Skills

April 2008

Tips for Reading an Environmental Impact Report

March 2008

New Programs Provide Funds for Street and Road Improvements

Two new programs for California local governments leverage current sources of funding to finance road improvement projects.

February 2008

League Honors Assembly Member Anna Caballero as 2007 "Legislator of the Year"

January 2008

The Rule of Law

December 2007

Helping Green Homeowners Hang Onto Their Green

November 2007