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Legal Notes Archive

Title Issue

Lost In Translation: Local Public Agencies and Translating Official Documents

A look at the federal and state laws related to translation requirements.

November 2008

After Proposition 83: Sex Offender Regulation in California

September 2008

SB 97: The "Other" Global Warming Act

July 2008

Building Green With Carrots and Sticks

Cities are increasingly using regulations and incentives to develop new greener building practices that reduce development’s short-and long-term environmental impacts.

May 2008

Domestic Partner Rights in California

March 2008

The Origins of California City Powers

January 2008

Living Wage Ordinances

November 2007

State Supreme Court Provides Guidance on Water Supplies and CEQA

September 2007

Frequently Asked Questions About the Public Records Act

July 2007
17 Tips for Running Your Campaign Committee

17 Tips for Running Your Campaign Committee

May 2007