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Executive Director's Message Archive

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Reforming California's Governance: Is It Time for a Grassroots Revolution?

Reforming California's Governance: Is It Time for a Grassroots Revolution?

Amid mounting evidence that the state government is hopelessly dysfunctional, various groups are putting together a reform agenda.

May 2009
Sustainable Communities: An Urban Imperative

Sustainable Communities: An Urban Imperative

The League has set its strategic sights for the second year in a row on “supporting sustainable communities.”

March 2009

Commonplace Miracles of Local Democracy

Voters are overwhelmingly reinvesting in their local governments, local infrastructure and local services by approving ballot measures that authorize tax increases and bond issues for public infrastructure.

January 2009

The League at 110: Focused on Local Control --- and Always Looking Ahead

Protecting local control requires flexibility and responsiveness to the needs and desires of the electorate on issues that demand substantive, thoughtful public policy – without sacrificing local discretion and influence.

November 2008

What Proposition 99 Means for California’s Cities

September 2008

Civic Participation and the Importance Of Community Involvement

July 2008

Why the League Supports Honest and Responsible Eminent Domain Reform

The League and its coalition partners are working to build support for Proposition 99 and to educate voters about the great harm that Prop.98 could do to our communities.

May 2008

Sustainability Offers the Biggest Bang for Your City’s Buck

Increasing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability reduce a community’s carbon footprint and also provide long-term cost savings of taxpayer dollars.

March 2008

Richard "Bud" Carpenter: A Man for All Seasons

January 2008

China, Part II: Walking the Walk on Environmental Problems

November 2007