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March 2008

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Executive Director's Message

Sustainability Offers the Biggest Bang for Your City’s Buck

Increasing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability reduce a community’s carbon footprint and also provide long-term cost savings of taxpayer dollars.

Tips for Reading an Environmental Impact Report

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News from the Institute for Local Government

ILG Launches Local Government 101 Project and Seeks Your Ideas

Planning for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

The Housing Element Process: How California Cities Are Faring

Planning with Fire: Balancing Growth and Safety in Fire Hazard Areas

California’s catastrophic fires raise a number of questions about fire safety and land use planning.

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California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence

Livermore’s Advance Team Expedites Planning

Fairfield Improves Quality of Life for Residents With Special Needs

Hemet Involves Landlords to Revitalize Neighborhood

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Legal Notes

Domestic Partner Rights in California

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