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March 2008

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Executive Director's Message

Sustainability Offers the Biggest Bang for Your City’s Buck

Increasing energy efficiency and promoting sustainability reduce a community’s carbon footprint and also provide long-term cost savings of taxpayer dollars.

Tips for Reading an Environmental Impact Report

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News from the Institute for Local Government

ILG Launches Local Government 101 Project and Seeks Your Ideas

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California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence

Livermore’s Advance Team Expedites Planning

Fairfield Improves Quality of Life for Residents With Special Needs

Hemet Involves Landlords to Revitalize Neighborhood

Planning for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

The Housing Element Process: How California Cities Are Faring

Planning with Fire: Balancing Growth and Safety in Fire Hazard Areas

California’s catastrophic fires raise a number of questions about fire safety and land use planning.

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Legal Notes

Domestic Partner Rights in California