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Hard Times: Why We Must Protect Funding for Vital Community Services

Hard Times: Why We Must Protect Funding for Vital Community Services

It’s critically important for city officials to continue reminding our state leaders that without these essential services, that quality of life will decline precipitously.

April 2009

Clean It or Lien It: Dealing with Foreclosed or Abandoned Properties

What are the viable options to protect the safety of neighborhoods where foreclosed homes are abandoned and become unsightly invitations to unlawful activity and sources of health risks?

March 2009

Implementing the Strategic Highway Safety Plan: What Your City Can Do

February 2009

It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

The League’s strategic goals for 2009 include promoting economic stimulus and infrastructure investment.

February 2009

2008 Legislative Highlights and Recognition

The legislative year was dominated by a three-way battle among the governor, Democrats and Republicans over how to close a $24 billion deficit spanning two budget cycles.

January 2009

Looking Ahead to the New Year

The coming year holds new possibilities and challenges, including the need for budget reform at the state level. At the national level in preparation for a new president, the U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted a 10-point Plan for strong cities, strong families and a strong America.

December 2008

In Memoriam: Fairfield City Council Member Matt Garcia

October 2008

Bakersfield Educates Teens With "A Life Interrupted"

October 2008

Lessons Learned From the Witch Creek Fire

October 2008

Operation Meltdown

October 2008