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New Report on Roads: Fix Problems Now or Pay More Later

Pavement conditions are deteriorating throughout California, and while the costs are high for even the most basic repair and maintenance, the price tag for waiting is far higher, from both an…

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Helping Mayors and Council Members Take Leadership to the Next Level

The League provides a wide range of resources to help local elected officials build their capacity to better serve their residents.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Tools for Enhancing Transparency

Cities throughout California are engaged in a variety of efforts to make local government operations as transparent as possible. The League provides local officials with a variety of resources on…

Article City Forum John ByrneJon Penkower

A New Approach to Financing Energy Efficiency

A new program gives local governments access to tax-exempt financing for sustainable energy investments and projects.

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Mark Your Calendar Now for November Legislative Briefings

The Legislative Briefings cover information of critical importance to cities and are offered in two formats, online and in person, to make them readily accessible for all member cities.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Strong Cities
Strong State Brings Home the Value of Cities and City Services

Help your city connect residents with valuable information and reach opinion leaders.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Don’t Miss the Leadership Gala at the Annual Conference

The gala is the perfect occasion to mix, mingle and support the League’s work on behalf of cities.

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New Program Offers Help With Planning for Energy Emergencies

The California Local Energy Assurance Planning program offers local governments support in planning for interruptions to energy supplies.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Redesigned League Website Offers New Tools and Features

The website features enhanced tools to help League members advocate for their cities, become involved in the policy-making process and learn about important upcoming educational opportunities for…

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Key Milestones Ahead in 2012 Legislative Session

One of the most critical periods for legislative action is between now and the first week of July. Learn how you can support the advocacy efforts of California cities.

Article City Forum Charlotte Dickson

HEAL Cities Campaign Supports Healthy Communities

Obesity and related diseases threaten the health of cities’ most vulnerable populations, particularly children and youth. As part of an effort to address obesity, California cities are participating in the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities Campaign and adopting land-use, economic development and employee wellness policies that support health.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Celebrating 30 Years: The Helen Putnam Award for Excellence Program

This year marks a milestone for the League and California cities.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Protect Local Control by Supporting CitiPAC

A strong and well-funded political action committee is essential to deterring initiative efforts that would cut funds for local programs, weaken local decision-making or transfer state…

Article City Forum Samantha Caygill

California Civic Leadership Institute Expands to Engage More Local Leaders

Now in its eighth year, CCLI gives local leaders an in-depth understanding of the critical and complex issues affecting the state, including water, transportation, energy and housing. The program…

Article City Forum Thomas E. Shanks

Rebuilding Trust in Local Government

Article City Forum Dan Carrigg

California Expands Efforts to Collect Taxes From Internet Sales: Local Agency Revenues to Benefit

Not collecting taxes on sales provides out-of-state online retailers a significant price advantage over instate “bricks and mortar” businesses. As online commerce continues to grow, a solution…

Article City Forum Dan Harrison

League-Sponsored Financial Solutions for California Cities Provide Significant Savings

These services offer convenient investment and favorable returns, low-cost financing and discounted purchasing.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Plan Your Time at the Annual Conference Now!

It’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of this educational opportunity.