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Helping Your Community Save Water

Article City Forum Heidi Sanborn

Too Much Waste Costing Too Much Money: It’s Time for Product Stewardship

Despite recycling efforts, waste generation continues to increase.

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Cultivating Diversity in Municipal Management

Article City Forum Anne C. Fairchild

Unusual Recipe Averts a Staffing Crisis

Thoroughly screened and well-prepared interns were quickly able to help staff meet heavy workload demands in the City of San Luis Obispo. Now the city has a pool of highly trained and certified…

Article City Forum Patricia Lock-DawsonRonald O. Loveridge

The Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway Builds a Path to Success

For the first time ever, the three counties that surround the Santa Ana River have joined forces with 14 cities and the private sector to complete the crest-to-coast trail.

Article City Forum Dorothy Johnson

Developing New Talent in Public Works

Article City Forum Terrence Murphy

Tax-Exempt Lease-Purchase Financing Options for Local Governments

Local agencies use this solution to leverage time and resources.

Article City Forum Stephen D. LodgeRobert Davis

Operation Meltdown

Article City Forum Larry Owens

Santa Clara Builds a Solar Community

Under the umbrella of the neighborhood Solar Program, Santa Clara is creating a solar community.

Article City Forum Laurence Wiener

Tips for Reading an Environmental Impact Report

Laurence Wiener is an attorney with Richards, Watson & Gershon and can be reached at

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) was conceived in the 1970s to promote the goal of ensuring that local government decision-makers understand the environmental impacts of their decisions. To implement this goal, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research developed CEQA implementation guidelines, which stated that Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) should be no more than 150 pages and written in plain language that can be readily understood by decision-makers and the public.