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About Western City

Western City magazine is a monthly online publication provided by the League of California Cities to elected city officials and city department heads as a complimentary service. The magazine is also distributed through an online newsletter to California state legislators, key policymakers, and opinion leaders. Individuals and organizations interested in local government may subscribe to the magazine. 

Western City provides lively, interdisciplinary analyses of issues affecting local governance in a format suited for busy people. Western City’s goal is to provide immediately practical ideas, information, and bigger-picture policy issues and trends.

In the interests of responsible and ethical journalism, the magazine maintains a clear distinction between its editorial and advertising content.


Editorial Information

Each issue of Western City magazine features articles broadly organized around a specific theme or current events. These themes include:



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Only Western City brings you practical ideas and information you need about local government in California. 

Western City presents big-picture policy issues and trends in a format suited for busy professionals, with concise feature articles and in-depth series that explore statewide issues. 

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