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Public Works/Infrastructure

Article Solutions for Cities By Ryan Gunstream

NORESCO can help you save and find money for your decarbonization and resiliency projects

A rapidly changing climate and new state laws are complicating local infrastructure challenges. Yet, the same wisdom still holds true. Success is in the details, and public works are the foundation of a cleaner, sustainable future.

Article Local Works By Brian Lee-Mounger Hendershot

There’s no way roundabout it. Cities dominated this statewide award program

Western City has several guiding values, chief among them collaboration. Unless we are talking about award programs. After two years of county domination, cities have reclaimed their rightful place at the top of the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards.

Article Features By Jackie Krentzman

This is ‘on the level of the Flint water crisis,’ warn advocates at California’s southern border

Toxic waste from the Tijuana River has created a public health, economic, and environmental nightmare for cities in San Diego County. The ongoing crisis is a classic example of a local issue that requires a bipartisan regional, state, and federal response.

Article News from the Institute for the Local Government By Nikita Sinha

How cities are using open data to advance climate equity

Climate action planning and data are more important than ever. Funding programs are increasingly prioritizing projects that empower and benefit vulnerable populations. Some cities have found it beneficial to incorporate multiple layers of data into their systems.

Article Features By Peggy Flynn and Alex Renirie

How fair is a fair? People-powered decision-making at the Petaluma Fairgrounds

There is no magic bullet for disengagement and polarization. But there are ways to tackle these issues that don’t require dramatic new investments. Petaluma used one such method to resolve a decades-old conflict over an iconic property.

Article President's Message By League of California Cities President Daniel Parra

Effective storytelling builds trust and delivers results

“When we share stories about the opportunities or challenges in our cities, we are generating trust, inspiring people to get involved, and driving progress,” writes Cal Cities President Daniel Parra.

A child biking alone on a protected bike bridge.
Article Features By Melissa Lee, CNU-A

Transportation networks are at a critical crossroads

Access to transportation in under-resourced communities — both in rural areas and large central cities — has reached a critical juncture. In these neighborhoods, transportation isn’t just a convenience, it’s a lifeline.

Article California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence By Erin Olsen

Pismo Beach transforms an iconic neighborhood

Shell Beach Road is Pismo Beach’s oldest road — and one of its most important downtown connectors. What began as a community concept to make it a safe, efficient, and enjoyable street for all its users turned into one of the largest projects ever completed by the city.

Article Legal Notes By Gail A. Karish

Is your city ready to regulate 5G wireless infrastructure? Think again

In 2018, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission placed stringent limits on local regulations that control the placement of small wireless facilities. Even if your city passed new regulations early on, it could be at risk due to changes in the law that favor the streamlined deployment of all types of wireless facilities. 

Article California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence By Damien R. Arrula

Placentia to provide high-speed internet access for all

Service providers are often reluctant to deploy high-speed universal broadband due to costs. To get around this, Placentia helped develop new microtrenching construction techniques that allow for quicker broadband deployment, even in areas with no existing connections.

Article President’s Message By League of California Cities President Ali Sajjad Taj

Extreme weather is putting California’s infrastructure in uncharted territory

As our climate crisis deepens, so too does the threat of extreme weather and the increased strain on our infrastructure. Despite recent federal investments in infrastructure, California cities need more support from the federal government to address the needs of our communities.

Article Local Works By Brian Lee-Mounger Hendershot

Berkeley and Monterey’s awarding-winning infrastructure projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Two innovative infrastructure projects in the cities of Berkeley and Monterey received top honors from the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Award program. The statewide program recognized Berkeley for its renovation of the “worst streets in town” and Monterey for a citywide adaptive traffic control system.

Article Features By Greg Kester and Adam Link

Wastewater treatment facilities could be a solution for cities’ organic waste challenges

Reducing methane emissions through SB 1383 is one of California’s primary climate change mitigation strategies. Municipal water resource recovery facilities could partner with the state for this, but some significant challenges need to be addressed first.

City hall meeting
Article News from the Institute for the Local Government By Melissa Kuehne

Tools to strengthen public trust in the face of increased divisiveness

Elected leaders cannot effectively address challenging local issues without the strong bedrock of good government — accountability, responsiveness, and transparency. Recent political turbulence has made building, or even maintaining, that foundation extremely difficult. The Institute of Local Government has a suite of public trust and ethics resources to help local leaders navigate the issues and build a strong foundation for success. 

Article Solutions for Cities By Haig Kartounian

Need help planning electric vehicle charging projects?

From planning and design to permitting, and construction, Southern California Edison has helped its customers install thousands of charging stations for passenger vehicles and hundreds more for heavy-duty vehicles like buses and trucks through its Charge Ready programs.

Article California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence By Rhea R. Borja

Windsor builds one of the nation’s biggest floating solar arrays

When the town of Windsor realized that its wastewater treatment facility produced as much as 45% of the town’s total greenhouse gas emissions, it began searching for a cleaner, greener way to power the facility. The resulting project, one of the largest of its kind, has numerous environmental benefits and saves the town about $175,000 annually.

Old bridge
Article Features By Caroline Cirrincione

Congress passed a historic infrastructure law: What this means for California and its cities

For years, the League of California Cities has fought for state and federal infrastructure funding. In 2021, the federal government responded with an infrastructure package, including $45 billion expected for California. Cal Cities is carrying out multiple strategies to ensure cities have what they need to access the funding.

Article News from the Institute for the Local Government By Karalee Browne

Isolated and costly: The unique infrastructure challenges facing rural communities

Rural communities face different infrastructure needs and challenges than many larger cities. And although the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has many cities excited about the upcoming opportunities, rural leaders worry that they lack the staff and matching dollars to compete with bigger cities for their fair share of the bounty.

Pismo Beach aerial view of street
Article Local Works By Brian Lee-Mounger Hendershot

Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards showcase local infrastructure projects; Pismo Beach takes top prize

Pismo Beach and Santa Clarita were honored for their innovative infrastructure projects at this year’s Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards. Both cities show that, when given the necessary resources, local leaders can find creative solutions to statewide problems, even during the worst economic conditions in decades.

Article President’s Message By League of California Cities President Cindy Silva

Federal infrastructure package ends a years-long funding drought, and Cal Cities is committed to ensuring all cities get their turn at the faucet

After months of negotiations, Congress passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. If your city is like mine, you have a long list of infrastructure projects that need funding. The challenge is that the federal infrastructure package is incredibly complicated, encompassing hundreds of separate programs across multiple agencies.