Article Local Works By Brian Lee-Mounger Hendershot

Lessons in leadership: Six former mayors share advice for leading in challenging times

Many city leaders weathered the nonstop crises of the last few years by relying on the fundamental tenants of good governance. With nearly 90 years of experience between them, these six former mayors have invaluable advice for new council members or those who want to take their leadership to the next level. 

Article California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence By Colette Curtis

Paradise’s long-term recovery plan centers community healing and public safety

Many looked at Paradise after the Camp Fire and saw a “clean slate” — a chance to rebuild completely anew. However, town leaders and the private owners of thousands of the now vacant parcels needed to come together before they could move forward.

Article Executive Director's Message By League of California Cities Executive Director and CEO Carolyn Coleman

Strong city leadership is all about collaboration and partnership

Local officials understand the importance of shifting past divisive campaign rhetoric and focusing on how to effectively, collaboratively, and collegially carry out the duties that voters expect them to fulfill. Just as there is strength in collaboration at the local level, there’s strength in collaboration at Cal Cities.

Article News from the Institute for Local Government By Taylor Buck

Leadership strategies for cities experiencing workforce challenges

Labor shortages and high staff turnover have created challenges for both employers and employees. Taking cues from other sectors, city governments have found creative and proactive ways to address workforce gaps and create sustainable organizations.

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