Article California Cities Helen Putnam Award for Excellence By Edgar R. Garcia

Modesto creates a countywide system of care for youth experiencing homelessness

Success creates success, even for seemingly intractable issues. Modesto is at the forefront of a new system of care for homeless youth thanks to a strong public-private partnership. The city launched several related programs in recent years, including a navigation center and Homekey project for youth.

Article Special to Cal Cities By Rob Wilkins

2024 brings optimism and pessimism alike for affordable housing

Californians consistently cite affordable housing as one of their top concerns. Yet each year, the state falls further behind on its own housing production goals. In some respects, there is little reason to believe this will change any time soon. But there are also reasons to be optimistic.

Article President’s Message By League of California Cities President Daniel Parra

Our housing crisis puts people one paycheck from precarity

The housing crisis in our communities is linked to our economic vitality. When residents are spending so much on housing that they can’t visit businesses, it puts a significant strain on the local economy. Low-income residents and communities of color are impacted the hardest.

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