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Article President’s Message By League of California Cities President Ali Sajjad Taj

Trust is critical to governing and advocacy

Public trust is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Just as our residents count on us to deliver services, they trust us to govern in a way that considers their best interests and improves their communities. At the core of this responsibility is advocating for our communities.

Article Legal Notes By Breana Inoshita and Austin Cho

Litigation is taking California’s public trust doctrine from the waterfront to the forefront

The public trust doctrine was once limited to the management of shores, navigable waterways, and submerged lands. It once operated more as a background principle in California, but a 2018 legal decision has expanded the doctrine and opened the door to new litigation.

Article Solutions for Cities Alex Mellor

What cities need to know about naloxone distribution

Fentanyl is behind an alarming spike in drug overdose deaths. While more can be done at the state and federal levels to end this tragedy, cities have at least one tool at their disposal to help reduce the number of overdose deaths: naloxone.