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Legislative Action Days: Make Your Voice Heard

Eva Spiegel is communications director for the League and can be reached at

One of the most powerful ways to make your city’s voice heard happens this month in Sacramento. The League’s Legislative Action Days, May 18–20, offer briefings from League staff on the year’s most pressing legislative issues, time to meet with your legislators and other state officials, and much more. This three-day event provides a unique opportunity for California city officials to come together, learn from experts and talk with state lawmakers and officials about how their decisions at the state level affect local communities.

Legislative Action Days open on Wednesday, May 18, with a General Session where League President Jim Ridenour, Executive Director Chris McKenzie, Legislative Director Dan Carrigg and others will discuss current budget issues and legislation of critical importance to cities. Legislative leaders and those working to protect local funding have also been invited. City officials will meet with their legislators in the Capitol during the afternoon, followed by a special session on bank partnerships and community investment strategies for your city. Be sure to invite your legislators to the Legislative Reception, 5:30–7:00 p.m. at the Sheraton, or schedule dinner with them that evening or a breakfast meeting the following morning. Taking advantage of these formal and informal opportunities with your representatives can help strengthen your city’s lobbying efforts.

Legislative Action Days culminate on Thursday with the Advanced Leadership Workshop, which is limited to 75 pre-registered attendees. The seven-hour workshop is strategically designed to prepare council members to work together and problem-solve more effectively.

The League will use Facebook and Twitter during these events to inform members and the public about the important work under way. Staff will tweet from the briefings and provide links to more information on the League website. Follow the League on Twitter @cacities and on its Facebook page by visiting  

Getting the latest information directly from the source at Legislative Action Days and using it in lobbying meetings with your state representatives give your city an extra edge. Lobbying for your city is always an important activity, but something extraordinary happens when the entire League membership is present. City officials come together for this event to show strength in numbers as they flood the Capitol. When you are part of a unified effort behind a single issue — the needs of California cities — the impact is magnified. Such an effort amplifies the voice you raise on behalf of your city. Don’t miss this opportunity to be heard. Find the event’s full agenda on the League website at    

This article appears in the May 2011 issue of Western City
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