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Make Your City Hall a Star

Eva Spiegel is communications director for the League and can be reached at

The League and Western City are looking for a wide range of city hall images to help showcase the diversity of California city government. City halls serve as a hub of community engagement, and these buildings are essential elements of local democracy. In many cases, a city hall’s architectural style reflects the time period when the city was formed. In other cases, city halls are repurposed buildings given a second life.

The types of images we are seeking include:

  • City hall exterior with city hall signage;
  • Council chambers, both empty and with a meeting in progress;
  • Events at city hall that feature people — for example, students visiting city hall, a cultural event at city hall or other community meeting; and
  • City hall renovations that combine an original facility with a new addition.

The League and Western City are also interested in learning about your city hall and what makes it unique. Cities that submit photos should also include a paragraph or two describing the building and its history. 

Technical Specifications

Photos must be high resolution — a minimum of 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 5 x 7 inches or larger size — and in color. Caption information must be included in a separate file or in the text of the email. Please do not embed the caption in the image.

Image Submission

Send your photos, captions and brief description of your city hall’s history to Western City at

Western City and the League will give credit to the photographer and/or city of origin. By submitting images, you agree that Western City and the League have permission to use them in a variety of formats and capacities.

Help make your city hall a star, and assist the League in building its archive.

Photo credits: Jonathan Weiss/; left and right, Philip Pilosian/; Denis Vrublevski/

This article appears in the January 2015 issue of Western City
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