Layout Options


Layout Options
within standard templates

When you’re using a standard template such as “1 column w/ pods right,” you’ll have the option to set various layout options. 

Overview accordions

Set accordions in Overviews, site and system admins can open the Template & Layout options in the bottom right hand of the screen. Set accordions for either H3s or H4s. 


By default, posts will be sorted by post date (most recent on top). You can always sort posts manually by turning on Show Content Zones in the bottom right of the screen, hovering over the post zone, and clicking “reorder.” Or you can set your sorting preference in Template & Layout Options below.


This term is set to display tabs by title. You can also set tabs to display by post type, subtitle, related profile, date (year), and date (month, year). Tabs are a great way to condense content so that a site visitor isn’t overwhelmed.


Accordions, Tabs, & Tables

Display settings help you display content differently. Most special display features won’t appear post teasers, however, so you need to click through on the post to learn more. You can even override the normal “Read more” to display something more descriptive.


Classes Library Example
Image, block quote handling, etc.

This post goes through examples of how to use the advanced classes library to display images, block quotes, and other content different. The example text is taken from Kafka’s Metamorphosis.


File attachments
A wide variety of them

You can easily embed files with the body content of the post like this: Word document (.doc). To do this, upload files into the file attachment field below, then copy and paste the file number into the body content. The file will appear with the appropriate icon where ever you place it in the body content: Powerpoint presentation (.ppt).

Photo gallery

Photo Gallery
This is an instance of the image gallery plugin

Photo galleries are recommended when images are the main content of your post. When you use the photo gallery post type, the images added to the post will automatically display in a gallery format.