Writer’s Guidelines

Have an Idea for An Article?

We are interested in articles written by or for city officials. We do not feature or promote products, services, or companies in editorial copy. For such promotions, please contact the advertising manager

Before you begin writing, please contact us to discuss your story idea. You can reach the managing editor at


  • Features: Articles that cover several dimensions of a strategic issue, typically from a statewide or regional perspective.
  • Local Works: Stories that highlight the innovative ways cities are building more equitable, vibrant, and sustainable communities.
  • Legal Notes: Brief analyses of major legal issues written for a general audience.


  • Keep your article under 1,200 words. Studies show that people generally prefer shorter stories. Keeping your word-count tight will also create a smoother editing process.
  • Use practical examples and data to support your article. Provide links to these resources whenever possible.
  • Use quotes from key people — including residents, local officials, and project partners — involved or affected by the project or issue.
  • Include tips for city officials interested in doing something similar in their community.
  • Provide the author’s name, title, organization, and contact info.  
  • Make a note of your deadline and plan accordingly. The editing process usually takes two weeks and includes multiple rounds of revisions. Submitting articles on time creates better articles and reduces stress.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, do not write in the first person.
  • Avoid jargon, acronyms, and other phrases that may be confusing to a general audience.


  • Please provide 4-5 relevant photos (landscape images preferred).
  • Photos should be clear, in focus, and at least 1080 pixels wide.
  • Photos with people are preferred. This adds a human element to the article.
  • Provide information for each photo (who, what, when, where) or brief context about how the image is relevant to the article.


The Western City managing editor at