Sustainable Cities


Sustainable Cities

Article Sustainable Cities Terry Amsler

Involving Youth in Local Planning

Terry Amsler is program director of the Institute for Local Government’s Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance program and can be reached at Greg Keidan, program coordinator of the Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance program, also contributed to this article.

More and more frequently, young people are being asked — and are asking — to play a larger role in discussions and decisions about local land use and other plans in their community. A growing number of California cities are involving youth in planning processes as local officials discover the capacity of young people to participate and the value of their insights.

Article Sustainable Cities Julia Lave Johnston

Partnering to Build Better Communities

The Strategic Growth Council offers technical assistance and administers grant funding for local governments.

Article Sustainable Cities James W. AndrewCharles A. Long

Keys to Successful Mixed-Use and Infill Development

Cities use a variety of strategies to overcome the challenges associated with mixed-use and infill development.

Article Sustainable Cities Yvonne HunterKen Loman

Financing Local Sustainability Efforts

Even in these difficult financial times, local agencies are undertaking a wide range of activities that promote sustainability. Regardless of the reason behind the activities, they have one thing…

Article Sustainable Cities Yvonne Hunter

The Co-Benefits of Sustainability Strategies

Sustainability strategies save money, conserve resources for future generations, improve public health, respond to climate change and make communities more attractive places to live.

Article Sustainable Cities Yvonne HunterDana Papke Waters

Calculating Carbon Emissions

Is it better to invest in high-efficiency fluorescent lamps or a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system if you can’t do both?

Article Sustainable Cities Margo Reid Brown

Building a Green Economy: The Recycled Market Development Zone Program Provides Help and Resources

The RMDZ program provides affordable loans and technical assistance that can help a manufacturing business through the challenging formative stages of developing new recycled-materials products.

Article Sustainable Cities Kathleen Les

Moving Toward Fuel-Efficient and Alternative-Fuel Fleets: 10 Questions Local Officials Should Ask

Increasing fuel prices and tightening budget constraints have many local officials exploring a transition to fuel-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles.

Article Sustainable Cities Kathleen Les

Greener Buildings Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Communities are increasingly embracing green building measures.

Article Sustainable Cities Steve Sanders

Preparing For a Warmer World

Global warming has the potential to threaten California’s economy, environment, communities and residents in many different ways. This article presents an overview of these impacts.