News from the Institute for Local Government

Resources for Leaders in Difficult Times

While there is no easy answer to the difficult decisions local leaders must often make, a number of strategies can make such work easier. A key element of the Institute for Local Government’s…

Intergovernmental Collaboration Through Joint Use of Facilities

Local agencies throughout California are employing joint-use agreements as a tool to stretch taxpayer resources as far as possible in service to shared constituents.

Fiscal Oversight: Ask the Right Questions

One of the most important responsibilities for local officials is overseeing their agencies’ finances. What can elected officials do to exercise careful fiscal stewardship over taxpayer resources?

New Resources to Help Involve Your Community

The institute releases materials for local agencies about involving the public in local budgeting, working with local clergy and congregations, and public engagement stories.

Understanding Local Government: Three Resources on Municipal Finance

Three publications cover the nuts and bolts of fiscal management and revenue resources.