Article Features Dan Carrigg

2012 Legislative Year In Review

While the past few years have presented major challenges for cities, the events of 2012 included some bright spots as well. This article presents an overview of the year’s legislative…

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Helping Mayors and Council Members Take Leadership to the Next Level

The League provides a wide range of resources to help local elected officials build their capacity to better serve their residents.

Article Legal Notes Kent J. Bullard

Filarsky v. Delia: An Unqualified Win For Qualified Immunity

The doctrine of qualified immunity protects government defendants from liability as long as their conduct did not violate clearly established law. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on the issue…

Article Everyday Ethics for Local Officials

Blind Spots: Money, Public Service and the Ethical Hazards of Self-Interest

Recent media coverage of public officials’ ethical lapses raises questions about the underlying causes of such behavior. This column explores why people make poor choices and the roles that…

Article Features Helene Leckman Leichter

Make Volunteer Programs a Financial Asset, Not a Liability

As cities implement deeper budget cuts, volunteers are performing more physically and intellectually demanding functions.

Resources to Help New Leaders Get Started

Understanding “how to get things done as a newly elected official” is a priority for local officials. New online resources help streamline the process.

Article Executive Director's Message Chris McKenzie

Making Strides on Public Pension Reform

The League made pension reform its top strategic priority in 2012 and succeeded in accomplishing this goal as the legislative session concluded.

San Carlos Adopts Innovative Contracting Techniques to Maintain Service Levels

Like many California cities, San Carlos has faced some serious budgetary challenges in recent years.

Article Features Lorraine Okabe

Annual Conference Highlights

An overview of upcoming highlights at the League of California Cities 2012 Annual Conference & Expo.

“Shout Out” to Youth About Local Civics and Careers in City Government

By acting now, local officials can build a future pool of committed, prepared public servants.

Article President’s Message Mike Kasperzak

Reflecting on Our Progress and Moving Forward

The League has met the challenges of the past year, and much work remains to be done.

Article Legal Notes Richard PadillaJoaquin Vazquez

What You Should Know About Hiring CalPERS Retirees

Many cities have hired recent retirees to bridge staffing needs during the economic crunch. But failing to recognize and comply with requirements of the statutes governing such hires can result in…

Article Everyday Ethics for Local Officials Daniel D. Purnell

Regulating Lobbying Activities
Part 1 of 2

This article examines common elements of lobbying laws and how these laws typically regulate lobbyist behavior.

Article Features Lorraine Okabe

Annual Conference Preview

The League of California Cities 2012 Annual Conference & Expo provides a unique opportunity for city officials and staff to learn from policy-makers and experts.

Article President’s Message Mike Kasperzak

Act Now to Create a Healthier Community

As local officials, we grapple with a lot of challenging issues and tough situations, and we don’t always agree on the best thing to do. But once in a while we come across something that makes…

Article City Forum Charlotte Dickson

HEAL Cities Campaign Supports Healthy Communities

Obesity and related diseases threaten the health of cities’ most vulnerable populations, particularly children and youth. As part of an effort to address obesity, California cities are participating in the Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities Campaign and adopting land-use, economic development and employee wellness policies that support health.

Article Features Rod Gould

The League Steps Up on Pension Reform

Pension costs for most California municipalities are likely to increase 25 percent or more in the next three years. If sizable increases in pension costs are not mitigated, many cities will be…

Article President’s Message Mike Kasperzak

Maintaining Our Momentum