President's Message


President’s Message

Article President’s Message Jim Ridenour

Fighting to Protect Our Communities’ Economic Health and Quality of Life

The impact of state raids on local funds threatens not only the economy but also the vital community services and residents’ safety and quality of life.

Article President’s Message Robin Lowe

Finding Strength in Shared Values and Diversity

Our shared values of local control and self-determination affect the breadth and depth of our organization’s leadership in every action we take. The policy-making process and procedures we employ…

Article President’s Message Robin Lowe

Enough Is Enough! Join the Fight to Save Vital Local Services

Ongoing state raids and state borrowing of local revenues continue to jeopardize the services that Californians need most. Borrowing local taxpayer and transportation funds exacerbates budget…

Article President’s Message Robin Lowe

Public Safety Depends on Police, Fire — and More

City officials are grappling with the challenges of balancing their city budget while preserving the critically important services that are a central component of our quality of life. Clearly,…

Article President’s Message Judy Mitchell

Vigilance Is Crucial

Regardless of how the state budget deficit is addressed, we have a long, hard road ahead of us to protect funding for local services in the years to come. City revenues continue to be on the table,…

Article President’s Message Judy Mitchell

Regional Effort Helps Communities Save Money, Energy, Water and the Environment

City officials are searching for ways to improve municipal efficiency, conserve resources and stretch the public’s dollars. In Southern California, a regional collaboration has found a way to do…

Article President’s Message Judy Mitchell

Hard Times: Why We Must Protect Funding for Vital Community Services

It’s critically important for city officials to continue reminding our state leaders that without these essential services, that quality of life will decline precipitously.

Article President’s Message Judy Mitchell

It’s Time to Get Back to Basics

The League’s strategic goals for 2009 include promoting economic stimulus and infrastructure investment.

Article President’s Message Heather Fargo

Looking Ahead to the New Year

The coming year holds new possibilities and challenges, including the need for budget reform at the state level. At the national level in preparation for a new president, the U.S. Conference of…

Article President’s Message Heather Fargo

Keeping Cities Strong

Article President’s Message Jim Madaffer

Building the League’s Momentum

In terms of shaping statewide public policy, the League’s expanding leadership role at the ballot box is its most significant accomplishment.