Article Features Samantha Caygill

From Local Government to the Legislature: Making the Transition Part 2 of 2

Freshman legislators share insights about the California Civic Leadership Institute®.

Article Features Craig Watson

How the Arts and Cultural Tourism Spur Economic Development

How cities are taking advantage of local talent to showcase their community’s unique personality and stimulate economic activity in numerous ways.

Article Features Samantha Caygill

From Local Government to the Legislature: Making the Transition

In November 2012 the Legislature welcomed 39 new members, the largest freshman class since 1966. In the Assembly, 69 percent have local government experience.

Article Features Kirstin KolpitckeDan Carrigg

Neglecting Annexation and Incorporation Will Not Serve the State’s Growth Goals

State policies for achieving sustainability have staked much on the success of cities. Yet the state’s recent actions signal a lack of appreciation for the vital function cities serve as centers…

Article Features Jennifer ArmerSteve Sanders

Partnerships Make Roadways Safer

In tough economic times expectations remain high for cities to provide quality public services and facilities, though resources to fund desired projects are scarce. One strategy for overcoming…

Article Features Dan Carrigg

2012 Legislative Year In Review

While the past few years have presented major challenges for cities, the events of 2012 included some bright spots as well. This article presents an overview of the year’s legislative…

Article Features Eric S. Berman

GASB’s New Defined Benefit Pension Standards: Sunshine or Rain for Cities?

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s release of new defined benefit pension standards could not have come at a better time or a worse time, depending on one’s point of view.

Article Features Helene Leckman Leichter

Make Volunteer Programs a Financial Asset, Not a Liability

As cities implement deeper budget cuts, volunteers are performing more physically and intellectually demanding functions.

Article Features Eva Spiegel

New High-Tech Tools Keep Residents Safe, Informed and Engaged

High-tech tools are making it possible for cities to issue alerts in real time to their communities, respond more quickly to emergencies and maximize scarce resources.

Article Features Lorraine Okabe

Annual Conference Highlights

An overview of upcoming highlights at the League of California Cities 2012 Annual Conference & Expo.

Article Features Kyra Ross

Join a League Policy Committee and Make Your Voice Heard

Policy committees play an integral role in the League’s decision making process and influence on statewide policy affecting cities.

Article Features Jessica Reynolds

League to Launch a New Communications and Outreach Assistance Program

Cities can tap into the opportunity provided by an increased focus on municipal issues.

Article Features Kevin Payne

The Next Generation of Economic Development Tools: Community Development Corporations

Cities throughout California are seeking ways to help create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods.

Article Features Eva Spiegel

10 Questions to Ask Before Installing Solar Power on Agency Facilities

As the cost of installing solar photovoltaic systems on agency facilities has declined over the past few years, local agencies are considering the benefits. Asking the right questions can help make…

Article Features Lorraine Okabe

Annual Conference Preview

A look at the highlights of next month’s conference.