Article Features Michael Siminovitch

Tips for Your Community: How to Save Lighting Energy

The California Lighting Technology Center at the University of California, Davis, puts the goals of green design and energy-efficient lighting into practice and offers local governments a number of…

Article Features John F. Shirey

Is the State Eating Its Seed Corn? How Cutting Redevelopment Kills Jobs

Investments by redevelopment agencies represent one of the state’s most meaningful economic development programs.

Article Features Kyra RossBill HigginsJennifer WhitingMeghan Mckelvey

What the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Means for Your City

The federal economic stimulus funding is on a fast track. Here’s what you need to know about what’s available and how to apply.

Article Features Greg CoxJim MadafferJohn Ohanian

Help Starts Here: 211 Connects Residents With Resources

Article Features Souri Amirani

New Approaches for Urgently Needed Road Maintenance

Thinking outside the box, using new technologies and leveraging funding opportunities are innovative strategies that cities can use to address deteriorating streets and pavement.

Article Features Dan Carrigg

2008 Legislative Highlights and Recognition

The legislative year was dominated by a three-way battle among the governor, Democrats and Republicans over how to close a $24 billion deficit spanning two budget cycles.

Article Features Patricia E. HealyAlma Flores

Santa Ana Uses Inclusive Approach to Develop Ethics Code

Article Features John Laird

Two-Thirds Budget Vote Has to Go

Article Features Fred Silva

California’s Two-Thirds Legislative Vote Requirement and Its Role in the State Budget Process

What does the two-thirds requirement mean for California’s budget process?

Article Features Gus CaravalhoCraig ChavezDavid Pierce

Inspiring Leadership: Next Generation Update – A New Opportunity