Youth and Community Services


Youth and Community Services

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Involving Youth in Local Planning

Terry Amsler is program director of the Institute for Local Government’s Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance program and can be reached at Greg Keidan, program coordinator of the Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance program, also contributed to this article.

More and more frequently, young people are being asked — and are asking — to play a larger role in discussions and decisions about local land use and other plans in their community. A growing number of California cities are involving youth in planning processes as local officials discover the capacity of young people to participate and the value of their insights.

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It’s STILL the Economy: Proposition 22 Will Protect Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs

State government says it is serious about job creation but kills jobs in the private and public sectors by raiding and borrowing local government funds. Proposition 22 offers a solution.

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Using Safe Routes to School

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