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Article City Forum Dan Carrigg

California Expands Efforts to Collect Taxes From Internet Sales: Local Agency Revenues to Benefit

Not collecting taxes on sales provides out-of-state online retailers a significant price advantage over instate “bricks and mortar” businesses. As online commerce continues to grow, a solution…

Article City Forum Dan Harrison

League-Sponsored Financial Solutions for California Cities Provide Significant Savings

These services offer convenient investment and favorable returns, low-cost financing and discounted purchasing.

Article City Forum Eva Spiegel

Plan Your Time at the Annual Conference Now!

It’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of this educational opportunity.

Article City Forum Karen Avilla

Making the Most of Your Banking Relationship

Revisiting our banking relationships offers a painless way of recovering and generating revenue for our cash-strapped cities.

Article City Forum Lisa G. Rosenblum

Sunnyvale’s Investment Increases Efficiency and Improves Library Services

It’s ironic but true: During tough economic times as library budgets are being cut, public library use increases. Sunnyvale used technology to overcome this challenge.

Article City Forum Francesca WrightConnie Busse

Using Safe Routes to School

Article City Forum

U.S. Communities: The Gold Standard for Cooperative Purchasing

While many purchasing cooperatives offer services, the League sponsors only one: U.S. Communities. Since 2001, the program has saved public agencies more than $1.3 billion. Several key elements set…

Article City Forum John Pilger

Sunnyvale Dramatically Accelerates Capital Improvement Projects

Innovative thinking helped Sunnyvale speed the execution of about 30 projects with a total value of $60 million. A winning combination of low bids, grants and a streamlined administrative process…